Why Do You Want to Become a Manager?


Young Manager after the interviewEach of us has some preferences.  Interviewers are trying to uncover the reason why you decided for a managerial career. Your motivation to get this job should not be connected to your past. To say that you apply for a managerial job, because you have graduated from the field, is really a bad answer.

As a good candidate for a managerial job, you have to look forward. Employers are looking to hire young managers who see themselves as future leaders of the company, who want to make a career and get as far as possible.

If you are not a fresh graduate and have some managerial experience, you can focus your answer on further development of your managerial abilities and an added value you are able to bring to the company. Do not forget to be self confident when answering this question. Managers need to be self confident.

Sample Answers

I believe that managers are the most important employees for every business. They create, they decide, they change. I wish to be a good manager one day, to have an option to change something in a society.

I have been working as a manager for the past four years. I hope to become a manager in your company, as I see here possibilities for further development of my managerial skills and abilities, so I can progress further as a manager and as a human being.

Everyone of us is good in something. I am good in identifying strengths in people and developing it. I want to become a manager because I feel it is the right job for me, a position on which I can really bring some added value for my employer.

Do not be afraid to compliment an employer

Shaking hands in an interviewIf you have a chance to compliment the company, do so. You can say you want to become a manager there, as their working environment is extremely challenging and motivating for you. Or you can say that you like the values, visions and goals of the company, if they ask you why do you want to become a manager in their company and not in any other one.

Interviewers are also human beings. They like compliments. If you have a chance to compliment them personally, or their company, you should always use this chance in your managerial interview.

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