Why Do You Want to Become a Manager?


Young Manager after the interviewDo not connect your answer with the past. Saying that you apply for a managerial job because you have graduated from management, or because you had thee same job before, would be a bad answer.

Good job candidates should look forward. Hiring managers are looking for people who know what they want to achieve in their life, and who can become leaders of their own professional career, and also of other people from the company.

If you are not a fresh graduate, if you have some managerial experience, you can say you believe to have the skills and experience to become a valuable member of their team.
And if you are just starting, simply say that you believe to possess the right skillset to become an excellent manager.

One way or another, they need to hear some enthusiasm in your voice.

Sample Answers

I have worked as a manager before, for five years. I believe to have the knowledge and experience to make some visible difference in your company, and to bring value to your team. I enjoy managing both people and processes, so management is a perfect career for me.

The job simply suits me well, my strengths and abilities. I always enjoyed when I had to make a decision, when I had some impact on the overall result of work. Management is definitely my first choice.

Compliment them if you can

Shaking hands in an interviewIf you have a chance to compliment the interviewer, you should do it. You can say you want to become a manager in their company, because you like the way they do things, their working environment, products, or anything else. If true, say that their corporate values resonate with your values.


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