What characterize a good manager from your point of view?


Happy job applicants in an interviewTry to focus on the benefits a good manager can bring to their employer. Such an answer would help you to stand out in their eyes. They would see you as someone who doesn’t think about their own goals only.

And if you can not come up with such a good answer, list the skills and abilities that characterize a good manager, such a leadership, communication skills, ability to set goals, pursue and achieve them, and other things.


Sample answers

Good manager leads their people to completion of both their own goals, and the goals of the company. Good manager strives to help their employer to prosper, and understands the connection of their personal goals and goals of the business.

Good manager can talk, but also listen. They ask their subordinates for suggestions and feedback, trying yo improve on their own job, and manager the processes well.

Great communication skills, natural ability to lead the others and solve conflicts, and an understanding for the bigger picture characterize a good manager, at least in my view.

Do not forget to say you are a good manager

You apply for this job, because you know you can do it well. Otherwise it would make no sense to apply for you, and no sense to make a hire for them.

Say them that you believe to be the manager you just described, that you have in you all it takes to become and excellent manager and an asset for their business. 

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