What characterize a good manager from your point of view?


Happy job applicants in an interviewThis question is your chance to show the hiring managers that you understand what makes a good manager. Job applicants have a tendency to speak about their own abilities and skills at this point. Interviewers know it and it is good for you. If you present a perfect answer, they may connect it to your attitudes and see you as a perfect applicant for a job.

In order to impress them, you should be able to come up with something unique, not with a definition from a book. The key is also to talk not only about skills and personal characteristics of a good manager, but more about real things he can do for the company. Let’s have a look at sample answers.

Examples of a good answer

A good manager should be able to bring some added value to the company. He should be able to get the best out of every employee he leads, connect the strengths of different team members, so they can enjoy their time together while achieving targets set for them.

Good manager should not only talk, but also listen. He understands that he is not the cleverest person in the company and listens to the advice of the laborers. What more, he actively participates on the tasks his subordinates carry out, to be a good role model for all the people in the company.

A good applicant for this job should be able to take rational decisions. It is easy to get emotional nowadays. However, good manager should not let his emotions to take control of hisĀ  decisions. He should befriend other employees, in order to be a natural and positive leader. But at the same time, he should always keep the priorities of the company on his mind and decide according to it, not according to his emotions or desires.


Do not forget to say you are a good manager

Good manager has a healthy self confidence. You apply for this job, because you know you can do it well. Otherwise, it would make no sense to apply for it. Therefor, feel free to compliment yourself, attaching a nice suffix to your answer. Saying that you fulfill the characteristic of a good manager you just describe and that is the reason why you applied for the job, is just all right. You should use every chance to sell yourself to the interviewers. Please, do not forget on it when inquired about characteristics of a good manager.

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