What biggest problem did you face in your previous job?


People try to solve a managerial problem Great managers do not see problems. They see only challenges, which represent unique opportunities to learn something new.

Tell them about a big problem you faced, how you embraced the experience, and how it has helped you to become a better manager.

And if it is your first job application, talk about “management problem” you faced during your studies. Everyone of us has managed something while studying–a school project, a study group, a training program, an event. Your attitude and way of thinking is more important than the problem you describe.

Sample answers

I struggled to manage a group of six laborers from different social groups. The people just couldn’t get along each other. I tried to create a strict rules on the workplace, but it did not help. The results of our department struggled. Fro some time I did not know what to do. However, I consulted one of my colleagues and he suggested some team building activities. I anonymously surveyed the laborers and got some ideas on team building. Finally I organized team competition in bowling, while I created teams from people who did not get along each other well. It helped. The event helped them to get rid of prejudice, and the results of the entire group improved.

This is my first job application, but I have managed a small group of five students in a student company. It wasn’t easy, because for some of them it was only fun, and they didn’t take the work seriously. What I did was that I explained each of them individually how the experience can play out for them on the employment market later, how it can improve their chances to get a good job, or start their own business. It helped with the motivation in the team.


More questions and advice

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