What biggest management problem did you face in your previous occupation?


People try to solve a managerial problem For a good manager, there exist no problems – only challenges. When answering this question, you should pick a problem you were able to solve. As a good manager, you should not let the problems to get into your head. You understand that problems belong to work, turn it to challenges and solve it. That’s what the interviewers want to hear from a perfect applicant for this job.

However, if this is your first job application, you should talk about “management problems” from your studies. As someone with right predispositions for a job, you have for sure managed something in your life – a school project, a study group, a training program, an event. Simply something. Try to identify a problem there and speak about it, if it goes about your first job application.

Also in this case, your attitude and way of thinking is important, not the exact problem you talk about. Please, do not forget on it.

Good example answers

I struggled to manage a group of laborers from different social groups. These people just could not get along together. I tried to create a strict rules on the workplace, but it did not help. The results of our department struggled. Fro some time, I did not know what to do. However, I consulted one of more experienced colleagues. He suggested me to try some team building activities. I anonymously surveyed the laborers and got some ideas on team building. Finally, I organized team competition in bowling, while I created teams from people who did not go along that well. It helped. They had fun and did something that connected them together. They helped each other on the workplace sine then and our results improved. I managed the team well.

This is my first job application, so I really haven’t managed people on a workplace so far. But I was managing a big fundraising project on our faculty, the project I suggested and led. As you can guess, the biggest problem was motivation. It was a fund raising project, so all people just volunteered. What I did was that I consulted each team member individually and showed them how this experience can help in the future. For some it was something they can put on an empty resume, for some else a chance to meet new interesting people, and so on. Actually I managed to motivate them and we raised more than $10,000 in an event.

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