What are your strengths and weaknesses?


Man in front of a computer is thinkingMany people are afraid of this question. We do not like to speak about our weaknesses. What more, we even typically do not know our own weaknesses

However, this question is not as difficult as most people believe. There is really no need to be afraid, especially if you have still some time to prepare a good answer prior to your interview.

What more, it’s just one of the starting questions, the ice-breakers. Interviewers are (or at least should be) capable of uncovering your strengths and weaknesses on their own, without a need to inquire about it. If they were not able to uncover strengths and weaknesses of other people, how would they choose a right match for the job? Asking you this question, many times they just try to evaluate you trustworthiness and your ability to evaluate yourself and the others. Think about it: If you can not name your own strengths, how could you uncover and develop strengths and weaknesses of the people you will manage in work?

Strengths that are related to the job and weaknesses that do not matter

It’s simple. All you have to do is to talk about some strengths that are needed for each good manager:

  • Good communication skills
  • Good social skills
  • Responsibility and loyalty
  • Ability to lead the others
  • Good understanding for the others
  • Organizational skills
  • Selling skills
  • Problem solving ability
  • Management skills
  • Observation skills

You should now think for a while about your own experience and personality. Try to identify your strengths and ask yourself which are the most suitable for this job. That is the best way how to construct a good answer to this question.

Good applicants strive to improve on their weaknesses

Managerial interviewEvery person has a weakness. To tell in an interview that you do not have  any weaknesses will be a terrible mistake. You should be able to evaluate yourself, to be critical. However, as I suggested already, you should try to pick a weakness that is not so important for managers. Alternatively, you can even choose a weakness that some employers may see as a strength, such as being over friendly with your subordinates or wanting to do everything as fast as possible.

Stand up, walk in your room and try to think about your own weaknesses. Choose the one that is not related to the job and prepare a short answer for this interview question.

The crucial thing is to mention that you do all you can to improve on your weakness. This  is what really matters. We all have some weaknesses. But good managers always work on their skills, try to strengthen their abilities and get rid of their weaknesses. Talking about improvement on your weaknesses,  you show the interviewer that you belong to such good managers, or better said, to good applicants for this position.

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