Describe the situation when you were unable to reach the target. What was the reason for it? Why did it happen?


Man at a computerThis is of the trickiest interview questions. Some job seekers say, that they always met the target and believe it goes about a good answer. But it is not true… Interviewers do not like it and you will lose points in your interview if you use it. They know that you are only a human, and that sometimes we all just aren’t able to reach the targets.

The real intention of the hiring managers is to see if you set targets for yourself, and have a plan of achieving it, as a good manager should have. Therefor, it does not matter if you met a target or not. What matters is if you set targets for yourself and do your best to reach it.

What if i have no working experience?

Target is a target. You can set targets for yourself in school, is sport, in personal life. Most people have no goals in their life, but you can set a goal for yourself in every aspect of life. Please, think about it for a while. If you have never set a target in your life, you should think up one now, so you have something to talk about in an interview.

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Sample answers

She reached the targetThis is my first real job application. However, while studying at the college, I traveled abroad to make some money doing manual jobs. The remuneration was performance based, as we were picking various fruits. On the beginning of every week, I set a target for myself, how much I want to pick in order to make certain amount of money. However, I was unable to reach my target in the first week. I though about ideas of increasing effectiveness of my work and  also about the realistic amount one can pick, based on the results of more experienced pickers. I improved my work in time and became one of the best pickers, reaching my personal targets every week.

In my last job, each member of a team should spend some time on a phone. However, I did not meet this target. From my point of view, it was a stupid target. The goal is to make sales, not to be on a phone. A good manager or salesman can close a deal in a short time and doesn’t need to spend hours on a call. What more, I believe that with some clients, personal meeting, or in some cases even an email, is better than a call. I actually left this company, not because I was unable to meet the targets, but because it was poorly managed.

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