Describe the situation when you didn’t reach your goal. Why did it happen?


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Interviewers ask this question to understand a few things:

  • If you set goals in work
  • If you think about the company as well, or focus only on your own professional career
  • What is your attitude to setting goals, and how does not meeting them affect you in both work and personal life.


What to say if you have no working experience

Target is a target. You can set targets for yourself in school, is sport, in personal life. Many people have no goals in their lives, or at least they are not aware of them, but we can in fact set a goal for every aspect of our life. If you can not recall any goal you did not reach, think up one before the start of the interview.

Sample answers

She reached the targetI have never had a full time job, but I set a goal last summer, while still studying at the college. I wanted to earn money picking various fruits, and buy a car. But soon enough I realized I wasn’t that effective in picking fruits on farms, and could not earn enough. I tried to improve my style and pick faster, but I still failed to reach my daily targets. Finally I had to accept that I won’t earn enough to buy the car, but I hope it will happen in my new, full time job, the one I try to get with you.

Each member of a sales team in my last office job should spend seven hours on a phone every day.  I was failing to reach that goal, but I found it stupid anyway. In my opinion, we should aim to make a sale, and not count how much time we spend on the line. A good sales manager can close a deal in a short time and they don’t need to spend hours on a phone. I actually left this company, becasue it was poorly managed.

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