Can you tell me a little about your experience?


Manager standing next to the wallThis question seems to be very easy. However, it is a tricky one. Interviewers are actually assessing way more than just your experience when giving you this question.

First of all, they ask you to tell a little about your experience. But many applicant do not catch this important part of a question. They start to talk about every job from their resume and talk at least ten minutes… Now, the interviewers can clearly see they are not good listeners, they do not pay attention. Therefor, they may struggle with communication to the subordinates.

When getting a question like introduce yourself in one sentence, or tell a little about your experience, it is important to do only what they ask you to do. Tell a little, use one sentence.

Be careful to stress the right things about your experience

What more, interviewers also observe what you consider to be important aspect of a job. Do you talk about your salary, about your former boss, about your working duties? Or do you talk about the achievements, about the added value you were able to bring to the employer, about lessons you learned in your last employment, about the way it has prepared you for this job?

Employer can easily see what really matters for you, just by listening to you speaking about your last job or experience of your choice. Please, be careful to talk about the right things only, the one I stressed in a previous paragraph. Listen to the question, speak to the point, do what they ask you to do and do not talk more as you should. Simply said – Answer their exact question.

What if I have no working experience?

Man with no working experience at a computerThis question is especially difficult for someone with no working experience. However, we need to be managers in our daily life also. You can talk about your volunteering experience, about a school-company, about some summer job, about anything you did in the past. Everyone applies for a first managerial job one day and interviewers are aware of it. They do not expect all the applicants to have working experience. However, the most important thing is to say at least something, to stress lessons you learned and show the employer that you understand what matters is a job and how you got prepared for this difficult role of a manager.

Do not be ashamed of your summer jobs and part time opportunities. One needs to learn the basics of time management and often also some sort of project management methodologies, to be able to do this jobs well. Good interviewers know it and you can get a lot of positive points for your summer job experience, if you can identify the right lessons you learned while doing it and talk about it in an interview.

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