Can you tell me a little about your experience?


Manager standing next to the wallAn easy one it seems to be. But it is really so?

Interviewers are actually trying to assess a lot of things with their question.

First of all, they ask you to tell them a little about your experience. Many job applicants do not catch the word, narrating in great detail all jobs they had in life. Such an answer points out to weak listening skills, or inability to talk to the point, both of which will cut short your chances of getting a job, if you face a decent competition in an interview.

Stress the right things

The question helps the interviewers to understand what matters for you the most in job. Do you talk about your salary, the product or team you managed, about your working duties? Or do you talk about the achievements, about the value you were able to bring to the employer, about the lessons you learned in your last employment?

What if I have no managerial experience?

Man with no working experience at a computerEveryone of us has once applied for their first managerial job. The fact that you have no previous experience doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. You can still talk about your other jobs, summer jobs, volunteering experience. Simply about anything that will convince them that you know what it means to have a job, that you have some working habits.

One way or another, speak about the lessons you learned, and how your past experience prepared you for the new role you try to get with them.

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