How to Answer Difficult Interview Questions for Managers?

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Young managers with the boss“I want to be a manager!” That is a dream of many youngsters nowadays. While the position of a manager is not as perfect as most people believe, it is definitely a good job to have. Taking into account the situation on the employment market, the popularity of all management positions, as well as countless graduates of management colleges all around the world, there is no surprise about the huge number of job applicants for every single management job opening. If you want to be successful, you simply need to prepare for your job interview. There is no other way… On the pages of this website, we will show you what questions to expect in your management interview, how to answer it and simply how to prepare well for this important meeting with an employer.

What to expect in an interview?

Good manager needs to be a complete personality. He or she should know something from both project and process management, or at least have a capacity to learn it. Good manager has to have good communication skills, balanced personality and also at least little bit of intelligence. Therefor, in order to choose the best candidate, companies carry our quite difficult and lengthy job interviews for these positions.
Except of three types of interview questions, you can expect to get some sort of tests also. IQ test, personality test or possibly even a case study can surprise an unprepared job applicant. After you finish reading this website, I suggest you to look for some sample IQ tests and personality tests, in order to get a good grasp of it and understand what to expect, in order to avoid a negative surprise in your interview. Let’s have a look at the interview questions right now.

Personal interview questions

Every managerial interview starts with several personal questions. Answers to these questions are not the most important one. On the other hand, many applicants are screened out right at this stage. To such questions belong:

Asking you these questions, interviewers try to assess the level of your communication skills, as well as your motivation to do the job. Every good manager should have an ability to listen to other people and to speak clearly and to the point. Also this is tested in this stage of an interview. Therefor, you need to approach it cautiously, answer all the questions to the point and with motivation and interest in your voice. This is the most important thing to remember in this stage of an interview.

Behavioral interview questions for managers

Man is confused in an interviewOnce the ice has been broken, it is time to get serious. Behavioral interview questions test your behavior in various situations. Mostly it goes about situations related to your daily job. These questions typically ask you about your past experience and therefor it is good to think about it a little bit prior to your interview. While answering it, you should present yourself as someone who is able to take a decision and carry the responsibility, someone who can understand the needs of the others as well as of the company and work according to it. What more, you should present yourself as stress resistant and motivated individual, who does not mind working overtime or do something more than is expected form him. Let’s have a look at the questions.

As you should guess, it is extremely difficult to answer these questions if are a fresher, or do not have too much of an experience. However, if it is a case, you should simply say what would you do in such a situation.
Come on, everyone seeks a first job one day. Everyone of us was young and inexperienced one day. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Be honest, tell them that you have not encountered such a situation. After that, show them that you know what to do, if it happens to you in the future.
Anytime when answering a behavioral question, you should speak about the situation that has a positive outcome. For example, if they ask you to describe the biggest management problem you faced in your career, you should pick a problem you not only faced, but also succeeded to solve.


Technical interview questions

If you ask me whether a good manager needs to know the technical aspect of the job, I would say no. Managers are for managing and motivating the people. Technicians should represent the staff who managers can consult regarding technical problems, before taking the decision. However, in smaller companies, or in specialized one, one may expect to get also several technical questions in managerial interview.
Technical questions are strongly targeted to the job. For example, if you apply for a management job in an IT company, they can ask you several IT interview questions. Similarly, if you apply for a job in construction company, they may give you some tough constructing or architecture interview questions. But in a big company, this will not happen. There are technicians for technical things and you should only manage the people and the projects.

It is not only about your answers to interview questions

Charismatic managerLet’s face the truth. Not everyone of us can be a good manager. If people should listen to someone, if he should be able to motivate the others, he need to fulfill certain characteristics. Good manager needs to have charisma, understand the people and be able to talk to all levels of staff from the company. It is easy to talk to people on our own intelligence level. Everyone can do it. But are you able to convince and lead people with much lower IQ? Can you become a friend with the laborers? Good manager needs to be able to connect with all kind people and this is observed in an interview also. If you fail to demonstrate it in an interview, they will choose someone else.

Job interview for managers is definitely amongst the most difficult interviews. However, if you believe into yourself, if you prepare some answers to interview questions presented on this website and have a good day, they can choose you. Why not? They have to choose someone at the end of the day… We wish you good luck in your interview!

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