How to Answer Difficult Interview Questions for Managers?

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Young managers with the boss“I want to be a manager!” Many people share your dream. These people will compete with you for every good managerial position, and you will need to convince the interviewers that you are the best job applicant, that it makes sense to hire you and not someone else.  

But how can you do that? What decides the winner at the end of the interview? And what questions will they ask you in a managerial interview?

We will try to help you finding the answers to your questions. Welcome to, a website that specializes only in managerial interviews.

Written by Matthew Chulaw, Recruitment Consultant and Job Interview Coach

What to expect in your interview?

Good candidate for a managerial job is a complete package. They should know something from both project and process management, have great communication skills, understanding for team work, leadership, and for business. To test if you meet such requirements, employers will conduct a long and complex interview session (or more sessions) with you.
You can expect some screening and behavioral questions, IQ test (or a personality test), and perhaps even a short case study to solve.

Personal (screening) interview questions

Your managerial interview will start with several screening questions. Answers to these questions are not the most important one, but the majority of job applicants will be screened out at this stage of the interview process.

Asking the questions, interviewers try to assess your communication skills, your motivation to do the job. Every good manager should have an ability to listen to other people and to speak clearly and to the point.

Behavioral interview questions for managers

Man is confused in an interviewOnce the ice has been broken, it is time to get serious. Interviewers will inquire about your behavior in various work-related situations.

While answering them, you should present yourself as someone who is able to make a decision and carry the responsibility, someone who can understand the needs of the others as well as he company. What is more, you should present yourself as stress resistant and motivated employee, who always tries to deliver their best in job. Let’s have a look at the questions.

As you can guess, it is difficult to answer these questions if are are applying for your first job. If it is a case, you should simply say what you would do in a given situation.

Anytime when answering a behavioral question, try to describe a situation that had a good outcome. For example, if they ask you to describe the biggest management problem you faced, you should pick a problem that you eventually managed to solve.


It is not only about your answers to interview questions

Charismatic managerLet’s face the truth. Not everyone can be a good manager (at least not in a given moment of their career). If people should listen to someone, if the person should motivate them, they need to meet some criteria. Think charisma, understanding for the people, ability to connect with them, and lead them their way.

Whether you meet these criteria or not is not decisive, however. What matters is if you can convince the interviewers of meeting them, of having in you all it takes to become a great manager.

Great sales skills–and especially an ability to connect with the recruiters and “sell” them your own skills, will take you a long way in your interview…. Check the questions on our website, prepare good answers, gain confidence, and ace your interview. We wish you good luck!


Matthew Chulaw

Your Personal Interview Coach


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